Learning Support

Some children may, at sometime during their schooling, have learning, emotional or social difficulties. Our proactive Learning Support Department consists of four experienced teachers with specialised qualifications, one of whom is a speech and language therapist. In addition we consult regularly with an educational psychologist and occupational therapist.

The Learning Support Department offers one-to-one support and small group work for all children from Nursery to Year 8. These individually designed programmes focus on developing pupils’ strengths and supporting their weaker areas.

Enrichment Programme

The primary source of enrichment at St Francis is delivered by providing a rich range of opportunities for pupils to find their strengths and develop their character, self-belief and confidence. We firmly believe that by inspiring the pupils, facilitating their learning, keeping the pupil at the centre, encouraging the pupils to think for themselves and to set goals and evaluate their own learning, we are providing the framework for pupils to maximize their potential. This potential may be across the board or may be in highly defined areas. Quality tutoring, setting high expectations, monitoring, assessment for learning and standardized testing enable us to support and track our pupils so that they can find themselves.

St Francis School has always recognised the need to attract, stretch and challenge the brightest and most talented pupils, and to this end holds an annual Scholarships Awards assessment in January or February for both internal and external candidates.

For pupils who show outstanding achievement in academic areas, our Enrichment Department aims to provide opportunities for our most able students to excel in their field of expertise, whatever that may be. Students are assessed using teacher referrals and analysis of standardized examination data, for inclusion on the register. Music, Art, Drama and Sports are all catered for in addition to academic excellence and each area has specific identification criteria.

Those pupils on the register receive extra support in the form of mentor interviews from the Head of Enrichment and are encouraged to develop their talents. The Head of Enrichment monitors the extension and high expectations for able pupils across the departments. The Head of Enrichment also helps to identify pupils who may be potential scholars and assists the preparation of these pupils.

If you require more information about this department, please contact our Head of Enrichment, Mr Graeme Smith via the School Office.