School Uniform and Sports Kit

Nursery – Uniform (a Little Saints sweatshirt, airtex T-shirt and a pair waterproof of trousers) costs approximately £30. Little Oaks children also require a red book bag and check PE bag. Nursery children can wear their own clothes on the bottom half.

Reception to Year 2
– Uniform and kit costs approximately £150 – £200 for Reception to Year 2.

Year 3 to Year 8 –  Uniform and kit costs approximately £400 – £450 for a pupil in Year 3 to Year 8.

Please note that there is good quality second hand uniform available.

The School Uniform Shop

The School Uniform Shop is located at the top of the drive near Haybrook House and is open on the following days, FROM 8.30am UNTIL THERE ARE NO MORE CUSTOMERS IN THE SHOP:


To contact the School Shop Manager, Mrs Helen Sheppard – please telephone 07437 117108 and leave a message or email

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