Yoga! Strengthening bodies & minds at St Francis

At St Francis we have been running Yoga Clubs for the last five years.  Children from both Pre Prep and Prep have been enjoying the benefits that yoga entails.  This includes increasing flexibility and balance, enhancing concentration, improving well-being and calming the mind!  And above all having fun!

The sessions are one hour long and we usually start with stretching and warming up with sun salutation sequences.  Then we move onto practising asanas with the use of flashcards and then the children choose some of the many fun-filled yoga games which involve working in pairs or in teams and help them develop precious skills in self-control, problem-solving and more!  Depending on time (and there is never enough!), the children look forward to relaxation after a busy day, which involves lying on their mats and breathing slowly and calmly whilst listening to ‘Ladybird relaxation’ which helps them relax all their limbs!

No one class is the same and the children go home happy and calm!