Year 8 Supper Club dinner for parents

Over a period of two days Year 8 prepared dinner for their parents as a gesture of thanks. Whether planning invitations, learning to prepare and cook food or create a suitable ambience in their very own restaurant, they drew upon their individual talents. The technologically skilled compiled a power point,  the artistically minded set the scene in the dining room, even down to folding napkins. The creative learned some very useful culinary skills. Who would have thought that they would have enjoyed washing up so much! Undoubtedly something to do with the industrial dishwasher that is normally firmly out of bounds.

A three course meal was served with unobtrusive style. Clearly the cuisine was popular: not only were seconds requested but more than one parent left with a recipe for peach ice cream.

A fabulous opportunity for us to enjoy Year 8, before we wish them goodbye and good luck.

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