St Francis adopt two elephants and a rhinoceros!

Meet Kiasa, Laikipia and Maxwell, the elephants and rhinoceros St Francis pupils voted to adopt for the next five years with Kids Tusk Force UK and Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

Last term, over £700 was raised by parents and children so St Francis School could adopt and help save these magnificent animals.

Kiasa is now a strong two year old elephant who loves playing in the midday mud bath, but she had a terrible start to her life. She was rescued by the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust when she was just six months old, orphaned because of drought.

Laikipia, a twenty year old male elephant, was rescued nineteen years ago as a calf after his mother was another victim of drought. Bottle fed by Sheldrick Wildlife Trust staff, he returned to full health and now lives back in the wild.

Maxwell was discovered running around aimlessly in the forest as a yearling. It became clear he was completely blind and had lost his mother, who was never found. Back at the nursery, it was confirmed that sadly his sight would never return. Maxwell is now thirteen and has a ‘forever home’ at the nursery and continues to do very well, enjoying being stroked and the occasional banana!

We look forward to hearing about their progress!