Sports Scholars get fit at Marlborough College Fitness Suite

St Francis Sports Scholarship Club  (Year 6 to 8) visited Marlborough College this week to learn about movement. They were tested and analysed on a variety of exercises (squats, leg raises, balance, flexibility) by top coaches; James Davies (Head of Strength & Conditioning) and Josh Wall (Strength & Conditioning Coach and Lacrosse Coach). The Sports Scholars are looking forward to the following two sessions we have planned later this term.








                                                                                      Amelia (Year 8) reports back on the visit;
“Sport Scholarship Club had an amazing opportunity to go to Marlborough College Conditioning Suite! When we arrived we had a chat with the two men in charge, one being the head of fitness and conditioning at Marlborough College. They then very kindly showed us around this incredible new facility with a dance studio/yoga room, a room full of cycling machines and then the main gym! The main gym consisted of many different types of fitness machines and exercises. We were then called out one by one to perform the stretch or movement they asked us to do to see if we moved or did it properly demonstrating if our muscles were tight etc. We will then collect our score or feedback next time we are there! It was great fun and can’t wait to go there again!”