Red Nose Day 2015

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Everyone had great fun raising money for Red Nose Day. Acorns and Saplings were involved in a range of different activities that included face painting, the create a funny hat competition and a bake off.  The winner of the funny hat competition was Max in Saplings Well done Max!  hat red nose

The Reception classes had great fun on Friday making their faces funny for money, as well as learning about how the money raised is used.  The EYFS raised £60.18.  Well done to everyone!

red nose EYFS

St Francis senior pupils had a fun day supporting the Comic Relief charity too. The children bought and wore their noses with pride as Mr Mathews told them about the charity in morning assembly. The children wore their noses for the rest of the day, even in some lessons! Mrs Baish’s catering team baked up a marvellous cake with lots of smiley faces and, of course, red noses. A fun day was had by all and the school managed to raise £208.00 Well done to everyone!

Red Nose Senior