Record Number of Biathlon Qualifiers

We are delighted to announce that a record number – x 14! St Francis biathletes have qualified for the British Schools’ Modern Biathlon Championships’ 2018 to be held at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre on the weekend of Saturday 17 & Sunday 18 March. 

The disciplines for the event include a 50m swim and an 800m run for the U10, U11 and U12 age ranges and the U13, U14 age range swim 100m and run 1600m. The scoring is based on the run and swim times being converted in to points. Each class has to achieve a target time to gain 1000 points. Times faster or slower than the target time result in an increase or decrease in points.

This is a fantastic achievement, congratulations and best of luck to all our competitors! Our pupils will now be in training to get prepared for this exciting event and experience.