Pre Prep off on holiday!

Years 1 and 2 are enjoying their Travelling and Exploring topic. The focus last week was on holiday destinations and thanks to our wonderful Pre-Prep parents,the children had a super week!

On Monday there were visits from Mrs Gordon and Mr Warren, both of whom organise holidays for people. Children explored how to book hotels, flights and hire cars.

During the week, the children were busy making passports and planning a flight, ready for Thursday when parents, Mrs Gilbert, a BA pilot and also Mrs Sant, one of the first women RAF pilots in the UK were visiting.

Haybrook foyer was congested on Thursday morning as everyone arrived, dressed in holiday clothes and carrying hand luggage or wheeling their cases. All the Haybrook staff were there, ready for a busy flight, dressed as BA cabin crew.

Haybrook hall had been transformed into the interior of an aeroplane, complete with cockpit. Every child had a boarding pass with their seat number on and boarding was completed quickly, ready for take-off. 

Our chief stewardess, Miss Turner, did the safety briefing; the pilots, Jessica and Daniel did their own checks and we were ready to go! What a fantastic flight! Mrs Gilbert showed us cockpit views of lots of different places around the world and talked about being a pilot. Mrs Sant talked about how she was one of the first RAF women pilots and the children looked at photographs and tried on some uniforms.

Mrs Baish had made some very superior airline snacks! and the cabin crew worked hard serving drinks..

Finally the seatbelt sign went on and we all took our seats to watch a cockpit view of a plane landing. We were at our destination – Entebbe in Uganda, where we saw lots of pictures of the school there that Mrs Gilbert supports.

It was an amazing morning, full of laughter, fun and learning for everyone. A day to remember!

Many thanks to all of the parents for joining in the fun and especially to Mrs Gordon, Mr Warren, Mrs Gilbert and Mrs Sant.  Thank you too to Mrs Baish for in-flight snacks and to Mr Matthews for setting up the screen so that the pupils could view the flight as if from the cockpit!