St Francis proudly supports Marlborough LitFest 27.9.14


St Francis is pleased to support Marlborough Lit Fest 2014 as event sponsor for

Caroline Lawrence
Author of The Roman Mysteries
27 September 10:30 – 11:30
Assembly Room, Marlborough Town Hall

Roman Mysteries pic

With seventeen volumes of The Roman Mysteries in just eightyears, to call Caroline prolific would be an under-statement.

So what’s her speedy secret? In a fun and interactive talk, Caroline will inspire and enthuse potential young authors to get ideas quickly, asking them to do one-minute exercises based around such techniques as Recipe for a Hero, How to Plunder the Greek Myths and Seven Plot Beats of a Great Story.

Be warned though, Caroline likes to use archaeological props, so if there’s a strange odour in the room it’s not impossible that she’s brought along an original Roman sponge on a stick – they didn’t have toilet paper in AD79!

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