A letter from Buckingham Palace!

Mrs Cox and Nursery Queen's Birthday2

Room Leader, Mrs Cox with children from Little Saints Nursery

Children and staff  in Little Saints Nursery were thrilled to receive a letter from Buckingham Palace last week.

Letter from the Queen

The letter, composed by one of the Queen’s Ladies in Waiting, was sent in response to the card which Nursery Children created and sent to the Queen for her 90th birthday last month.

As well as the letter, the children received a card with a photograph of the Queen thanking them for their kind birthday wishes.

Mrs Lisa Cox, Acorns Room Leader  said “The children loved making their birthday card for the Queen and it was an exciting morning when a letter arrived post marked ‘Buckingham Palace’!  The Queen must have received cards from all over the world and we are very touched to receive such a personal response which mentions the care the children had taken with their artwork.”

Queen's card of thanks

Letter from Buckingham Palace