Judo Nationals

St Francis had a great day at the IAPS Judo Nationals in High Wycombe on Sunday. Ella R-B (Year 3) in her first competition, finished 3rd with a Bronze medal. Aimee B (Year 6) battled her way to another 3rd place and a Bronze to match the one she took last year. Olivia C (Year 5) was rarely troubled on her way to the final in her weight group. She lost this contest which was the only blip on an otherwise perfect performance.

judo news2Anna L (Year 3) took her first opponent out in style with a throw and maximum points. Anna won fourth, only just missing out on a medal. Ella M (Year 3) fought very well and gained valuable competition experience.

It is easy to consider these occasions just in terms of the medals and lose sight of just how brave these pupils are, to stand up in front of a crowd of people and a person they have never met whose only plan is to throw them on their back!

They showed great fortitude and team spirit looking out for each other and I am very proud of all of them!

Mark Fricker
Judo Coach