Hooke Court Assembly

Year 5 are hosting and presenting today’s special Friday Assembly to share with staff and pupils, details of their recent Hooke Court Trip to Dorset.

Each child in Year 5 has contributed a section to the Presentation and will ‘present’ that section themselves. This is a great chance to practise public speaking, to share their enthusiasm for the trip and to pass on what they learned from it.

This year’s trip was action packed with a wide range of activities, some based around the Armistice Centenary, including;

Team building – Fun games to test collaboration skills.
Tudor Banquet – Teachers, Mr Fleming and Madame Parish were the king and queen and pupils, dressed as Tudors were servants. Great Tudor Food!
Tudor Wedding – Two (not so) enthusiastic pupils reenacted a Tudor style wedding.
Tudor School – Purse making, embroidery and writing using Tudor style ink.
Tudor Cooking – Custard Tart Surprises!
Campfire evenings – with songs around the campfire
WW1 Armistice –  Remembering and making poppies for those that gave their lives. Trench warfare with smoke bombs and charging sandbags with makeshift bayonets, training drills and marching.

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