Happy Haybrook Christmas Shoppers

On Friday, all the children in Pre Prep at Haybrook were very excited as it was our special Christmas shopping day! We are once again raising money for St Michael’s school, Uganda through our shopping day.


For the last few weeks, Mrs Butler and her parent helpers have been busy collecting lots of Christmas presents for our special shop. There were presents for mummies, daddies, grannies, granddads, brothers and sisters.

Shop 2

Everyone had to make a shopping list, with names of the people they were shopping for; bring their money and then it was time to go shopping! Lots of maths to be done when out shopping … adding, subtracting and counting out change!

Once we had been shopping, it was time to wrap the presents – again, everyone had designed and printed their wrapping paper. Lots of maths again – how big is the present? Will it fit on the paper?

Finally, there were labels to be written! This time, literacy – writing names, practising letters.

Percy and Mrs Butler counted the money – we raised £240!! Thank you to everyone who contributed gifts. All of the money raised will go to St Michael’s School, to help buy books for the school library.

Shop 3

What a lovely way for the children to think about others at this time of year – buying presents for family and friends and supporting St Michael’s School at the same time.


Huge thanks to Percy  in Year 2, who suggested doing the shop and also to Mrs Emma Butler and her parent helpers who made it such a special activity for all of the children.