A Frenchtastic Day for Junior & Senior Prep

Travancore students (Junior & Senior Prep) had a “frenchtastic” time on Tuesday and Wednesday last week, for their French days which formed part of CLICK FORTNIGHT for Years 3 to 8.  The timetable was suspended for two weeks and a series of events, tasks, challenges and themed activities took place.  CLICK (Collaboration, Leaderships, Independence, Communications, Kindness) is forms part of our learning ethos, to encourage pupils to develop key skills for learning and life.

Day 1 of French Day was the making of St Francisville and all students worked really hard on making beautiful French shops: they labelled all their items in French, wrote price lists and practised shopping in French. There was also a treasure hunt where they had to read French sentences to be able to find clues all around the school. In the afternoon, they got really busy making Eiffel Towers and collages with French words. 

On Wednesday was St Francisville in action! Everyone had the opportunity to be shopkeepers and shoppers and to have a good shopping session, in French and in euros. Thank you to all students for their enthusiasm and participation. An excellent team work from all!