Fencing Spring Update

Fencing has been very busy this term with fixtures home and away against Pinewood as we fielded an experienced and development team.

First team

The lead in this match changed no less than four times in what was a very entertaining clash between the most experienced teams. Captain Jamie started the match off, concentrating on defence and taking opportunities when they came.  He won three from four bouts and his attacks and defence are progressing nicely. Adam  took the fight to all his opponents, registering an important 4-2 win, another 4-0 and a third 4-3. He only struggled against the Pinewood Captain who is a highly regarded regional fencer. Ella-Marie is focusing on how to turn defence into attack which is her next challenge, her 4-2 win was very good and she should be pleased with the other hits she scored.  Cecily gave St Francis the lead with a very entertaining contest. Behind after the first point, the match went to time and she lost priority. Composing herself she took the initiative and went after her opponent, winning the contest with an excellent cut-over attack. With scores tied going into the final bout, a  narrow 4-3 loss saw the team go down 7-9.

Second Team

As the most experienced fencer in the group, Captain Max led the team very well in this match where everyone kept fighting throughout and scored hits.  His sense of timing, variety in attack and defence has greatly improved this term. He encouraged his team mates throughout, offering ideas and ways to score hits. Emanuelle, Amelia and Henry all scored hits in their bouts as they fought with great tenacity.  I was especially impressed with their circular and semi-circular parries to score hits and we now need to work on being more unpredictable. An encouraging display by our younger fencers who thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon.


Neil Bromley, Fencing Coach