EYFS and The St Francis Framework

EYFS and St Francis FrameworkNursery pupils have enjoyed two assemblies recently, learning about the St Francis Framework.  Mrs Mahon from Saplings, led an assembly, with the help of Maisie (painted by the children), to think about what the St Francis Framework is and how we can follow the different pieces of advice it gives us.  The children had some fantastic ideas about how they could be helpful and honest.  Last week Deputy Head, Mr Butler came to our assembly with his Year 8 Form class.  The Year 8s talked in groups with the EYFS children, asking them how they had followed the St Francis Framework.  There were lots of lovely discussions about ‘holding my friend’s hand’, ‘playing with my friends’ and ‘telling someone if I have broken something!’.  The EYFS loved spending time with Year 8 and look forward to seeing them in another assembly again soon.

The St Francis Framework 

The school has established a set of core values which all members of the school community are required to follow.  The core values are encompassed in the six points of the Framework which are as follows;

  • Show Respect
  • Be Honest
  • Be Kind and Helpful
  • Treat Others Fairly
  • Always Do Your Best
  • Forgive