ESB Young Speaker Awards 2017

As Director of Drama at St Francis, it was an honour and privilege to join Year 6 pupil Mia and her family at the recent ‘ESB Young Speaker of the Year Awards’.   The setting for this illustrious occasion was the iconic Crowne Plaza Hotel in Liverpool.   Only 9 pupils throughout the whole of Great Britain had been selected to showcase their work and many of these were much older than Mia with some pupils being Year 11 and Sixth form!  When it was Mia’s turn to take to the stage, she spoke eloquently and passionately about her Piano Accordion and didn’t seem the slightest bit nervous. The audience  were enthralled and you could have heard a pin drop as she spoke.   Here are Mia’s thoughts about the event (I have to agree with her about the cake, it was delicious!):

Emma Gregson Burt

Mia with her parents and Mrs Gregson Burt at the ESB Award Ceremony

“Going to the ESB award ceremony was a really great experience that I will never forget. It was really fun and surprisingly posh! When I got there, I wasn’t expecting it to be so busy, and I was really nervous, but when I got up onto the stage and started it was really fun. My highlight of the event was definitely hearing all the other young speaker’s performances, because I learnt a lot from them and their talks were very interesting.  My other highlight was also the amazing red velvet cake!”