Election Results


The CONSERVATIVES won the St Francis mock general election
The PROGRESS PARTY won the St Francis pupil led election

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St Francis School held not one but two elections in school last week!

Pupils and staff had the opportunity to vote not only in a mock General Election, but also in a St Francis Election organised as a special project by Year 5 pupils.

Year 5 pupils created their own parties and manifestos which they presented to
the rest of the school in Assembly. Lunchtimes and playtimes became canvassing opportunities and their were some ingenious tactics to win the vote of teachers, such as writing slogans and messages in exercise books for teachers to see when marking work!


The four St Francis pupil parties and examples of key points in their manifestos were:

PROGRESS PARTY : Establish a new funding body to support small businesses and encourage new business to boost the economy

Progress Party Manifesto smlweb

VISION PARTY : Delay the start of primary education until age 6 to replicate the successful system in Scandinavia and enable children to spend more time with their families

TOMORROW PARTY : Tuition fees to be based on the value to society of the course being studied eg. No fees for trainee doctors

TRANSFORM PARTY : Increase tax on cigarettes and junk food

The Hemery Sports Hall became a polling station with Year 7 and 8 pupils administering the vote and ensuring that ballot papers were completed secretly and placed in the ballot boxes.

Headmaster, David Sibson cast his vote and commented ‘pupils have really enjoyed the build up to the General Election and learning about politics in the UK, they showed great enthusiasm for the St Francis pupil led election, with pupils taking time to consider policies and think carefully about their vote’.