Election Fever!

St Francis pupils are gearing up for their own Election on Thursday 7 May!

ELECTION UPDATE! Wednesday 6 May 2015 : The four Year 5 pupil parties tried to gain last minute support and any waivering voters this morning, presenting their key manifesto points in Assembly. Polling opens tomorrow and pupils will have the opportunity to quiz party candidates during break and lunch today, before they make their decision.

Key action points :
TRANSFORM PARTY – Health & Care : Increase tax on cigarettes and junk food
PROGRESS PARTY – Economy : A new funding body to support small businesses and encourage new business
TOMORROW PARTY – Education : Tuition fees to be based on the value to society of the course being studied eg. no fees for trainee doctors
VISION PARTY – Education : Delay the start of Primary Education until age 6, to replicate the successful system in Finland and enable children to spend more early years with their family.


In last weekThe Progress Party‘s Friday Travancore Assembly, Year 7 pupils made a presentation about the General Election, introducing the leaders of the four main parties and detailing the key policies in their manifestos.Vision Party

Year 5 pupils have been working in groups in their English lessons on a project to create their own parties and policies. They will present their manifestos to the school in Wednesday’s Assembly.

By the day of the actual election on Thursday, all pupils in Years 2 and above will have received their voting cards. The Hemery Hall will become a polling station, manned by pupils in Years 7 and 8, who will administer the votinTransform Partyg and ensure that ballot papers are completed secretly and then placed in the ballot boxes. The pTomorrow Partyupils will have the opportunity to vote in a mock General Election (for one of the four main parties) as well as in the Year 5 School Election.

We hope that all the votes will be counted by Friday so that the returning officer can announce the results of both the General Election and the pupil led School Election, in morning assembly.