Easter Passion Play

The Passion Play, performed by Year 6 pupils, provided a fitting way to begin our Easter holiday by focusing on the events of the last week of the life of Jesus before his crucifixion and resurrection. It was wonderful to witness the participation of pupils, parents and staff not only in the service, but also beforehand in the re-enactment of Jesus’ triumphant arrival in Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. Everyone entered into the spirit of the event with their costumes and their palm waving. 


You may have heard that Easter Sunday, 15 April 2017 is the date of the Marlborough Community Passion Play, a performance that will take place late afternoon in the streets of Marlborough and will involve people within the town and wider community.

St Francis Head of Lamda, Helen Stokes has written both the full length play and the school’s mini version. Pupils have therefore been working on their school Easter celebration and also preparing to be members of the procession welcoming Jesus in Marlborough High Street in the Community Passion Play.

Happy Easter!

For more information on the Marlborough Community Passion Play or to get involved, 
visit :  https://marlboroughpassion.uk/