Year 7 & 8 Trip to Brecon Beacons

Year 7 & 8 had an amazing week away in Wales towards the end of September. We stayed at the Plas Dolygaer which is a bunk house in the middle of the Welsh countryside. You have to travel over a tiny bridge to get to it and from the middle of the road you can see the most stunning reservoirs. There was an old steam train that passed right outside the back garden. It was great fun standing on the bridge and getting ‘steamed’ as it passed underneath. 

On the first night we ventured up the steep hill behind the bunk house and went in search of a geocache. It was great fun following the clues and very exciting when we found the first box. We wrote a collaborative letter to the next person to find the box – we wondered who it would be. After that we turned our torches out and let our eye adjust to the dark, and learned how to find the the Pole star. We also saw the planet Mars! The Brecon Beacons has dark sky status so stargazing is amazing as there is no light pollution.

The weather was rainy all week but it didn’t hold us back. We split into three groups. Each group got to camp over-night which was fun as we had to scavenge for wood for the camp fire, cook our own supper on the Trangia camping stove and put up our own tents. .

Each day we did adventurous activities and were kept busy in the evenings playing games or performing in talent shows.

We went abseiling down a sheer cliff face. Not everyone did it, nobody minded though as it was terrifying and everyone that did it got to the bottom with a big sense of relief. The gorge walk was exhilarating. We changed into wet suits and then played in the water to get used to it. We let the current sweep us along which was great fun and then we scrambled up the huge rocks with the water gushing over us. It was brilliant! Canoeing was a bit cold and windy but that didn’t stop us from playing ball games, wobbling the canoe and trying to push each other in- the boys were exceptionally good at that!

We visited the anti tank cubes to see huge concrete cubes which were made to stop tanks and were fascinating. We walked to amazing waterfalls which we climbed behind and felt the power of the water thundering before us, through pitch-black tunnels that we had to navigate through and up and down hills to see spectacular views.

Overall, it’s safe to say we all thoroughly enjoyed our time- even if it was a bit damp. Most of us surprised ourselves and went out of our comfort zone and tried new things. We have come back to school more resilient, more prepared for challenges and better friends. Thank you Mrs Parkes, Mr Walton and Miss Gent.

Year 7 & 8

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