Bloodhound Car Racing at Warminster School

Year 5 have been busy this term in DT, sawing, shaping, sanding and decorating their Bloodhound cars made out of balsa wood.  They were very excited to take their cars to Warminster School to race them on a track.

Tess & Mischa from Year 5 wrote about their trip;



The day had finally come! We were really excited because on Friday 24 November, we went to Warminster to race our Bloodhound cars.Our aim this term was to make our cars go really fast and try and beat the school record.       

We were treated to a delicious lunch when we arrived and afterwards went to the DT lab to put the hooks on the cars so they wouldn’t fall off the track. Then we went to Warminster firing range where they normally shoot guns. It was a long, narrow room. We lined all our cars up in pairs and Mr Edwards, the technician, helped to hook the cars up on the thin wire going along the track. Mr Rossiter placed a CO2 gas cylinder in the back of the car to power them along. The lights on the display board lit up one at a time, just like a real race track.Then the cars zoomed off down the track.Everyone was cheering for their cars, it was so, so loud!!

When everybody had raced their cars twice, we went back to the DT lab to see the results. Anna and Izzi  won the fastest single run of a car, Nat and Louis  won the fastest in both heats, and last but not least, Margot and Eleanor  won best design. They won some mugs specially made by Mr Rossiter and chocolates, well done!

We really enjoyed the trip, thank you very much to Mr Rossiter (at Warminster School) & Mrs Parkes for organising it all and thank you to Mr Walton, Mr Watson and Miss Bowman for coming with us.”