Apollo 5

It’s not every day that you will hear beat boxing and funky bass lines resounding from the Hemery Hall. Thursday 25 September was unlike any other day at St Francis School! The nationally acclaimed vocal quintet, Apollo 5, had arrived to lead a day of creative, energising and inspiring vocal workshops.

Apollo 5 Group news

From the morning workshops with years 3, 6, 7 and 8 to the concert in the evening, Apollo 5 were full of energy and enthusiasm. Lively warm ups taught the pupils to carefully and thoroughly warm up their body, brains and voices for singing and perhaps you can ask your children to demonstrate the complex ‘upwards downwards wiggle’ or ‘funky chicken’ warm up?

Pupils and staff from our local primary schools, Oare, Pewsey, Shalbourne and St Peters joined our Year 4 and 5 pupils as they worked towards a concert with Apollo 5 at the end of the day. Having warmed up, the children worked with the Apollo 5 ensemble to create a soundscape of Spain, inspired by European Languages day on Friday 26th September. In addition children learnt part songs from Japan and Demark, developing their ensemble skills and their ability to sing in harmony with others.

The day culminated with an inspiration concert lead by Apollo 5. The concert repertoire certainly included something for everyone from Skyfall to the Wimoweh of the African Jungle and the rhythmic pace of the work songs ‘mash up’.

Our wonderful catering team were the most excellent hosts as they provided lunch for our many visitors in addition to all the St Francis pupils. From the catering to the logistics of the day, the organisation of the car park to the singing this was a team event

Who knows which ensemble will be leading our next vocal workshop? The St Francis Community Choir is sounding very professional after our first week of rehearsals…