Extra Curricular Music & Musical Tuition


Musical Tuition by Specialist Teachers

52% of pupils in Years 1 to 8 are receiving musical tuition on at least one musical instrument. Children are regularly prepared and entered for ABRSM, London College Music and Trinity Rock and Pop examinations. We are proud of the high proportion of pupils who are awarded merit and distinctions for performance on a board range of instruments. A team of nine peripatetic music teachers deliver lessons on the following instruments at St Francis School:

Cello : Julie Mettyear

Clarinet, Saxophone and Recorder : Helen Pyzancyn

Cornet and Trombone : Tim Crouter

Flute: Susie Hutchinson

Guitar and Drums : Sam Goffen

Piano :  Rosemary Burn and Sarah Sainsbury

Voice: Diane Charlesworth and Kate Griffiths



There are many opportunities for pupils to develop their musical skills outside of their classroom lessons. These ensembles include: Haybrook Choir (all pupils in years 1 & 2), Junior Choir (Years 3 & 4), Senior Choir (Years 5 & 8), Orchestra and Recorder groups. In addition, the Music Scholarship Club and Haybrook Composition Club provide pupils with opportunities to develop their academic understanding of music and their general musicianship. 

Musical Events

There are plenty of opportunities for pupils to develop into confident and proficient performers.

Termly Music Recitals provide a supportive and friendly platform for pupils to perform solos to family, friends and staff.

The Individual Music Festival, held in the Summer Term provides pupils with a more formal, competitive performance environment. Each year pupils compete in preliminary rounds, for a place in the final competition, adjudicated by guests with specialist knowledge of performance.

The Autumn Term ‘Last Choir Standing’ competition is a celebration of singing across the whole school. Every class from reception to Year 8, spend choir lessons preparing performances for the school and parents to watch and enjoy. Our external adjudicators award winners to each catergory and finally the Outstanding choir, known as the ‘Last Choir Standing’. This year’s winners were 4M.

Past calendar events include collaborations with composer Tom Bayliss and vocal workshops led by the acclaimed Acapella ensemble Apollo 5.

Events in our 2018- 2019 calendar include:

Autumn Term

Prep Department: Autumn Term Recital, Harvest Assembly Orchestra Performance, Last Choir Standing Competition, Open Morning Orchestra Performance,  Wind in the Willows Christmas Performance, Carol Singing in the local community and the Carol Service in Marlborough College Chapel.

Pre Prep:  EYFS nativity, Years 1 and 2 Nativity and the Carol Service in Marlborough College Chapel.

Spring Term: Years 3 & 4 Production, Spring Term Recitals and Music Cluster Festival event for local schools.

Prep Department:

Pre Prep: EYFS Mother’s day Assembly, Springtime Celebration

Summer Term

Prep Department: Summer Production for Years 5,6,7 and 8, St Francis Individual Music Festival

Pre Prep: EYFS Summer performance, Summer Showcase.