Introducing Forest School Sessions 

Forest School is really fun!  It gives you an opportunity to explore.  You get to do lots of activities and play in the forest.”

Forest School sessions have been introduced at St Francis for mixed age groups of pupils from Years 1 to 7.   We have 17 acres of glorious school grounds including a beautiful forest area.  During their first session the children think and learn about important rules that need to be adhered to in the forest! Most importantly, keeping safe and having fun!

“You will want to stay there for a hundred years.  It is beautiful, you will want to live there with the falling leaves.”




Forest School Rules:

  • Do not wander off from the group and tell an adult where you are going.
  • Do not climb higher than the teacher’s shoulders and make sure you can get yourself down.
  • Take a risk but be safe.
  • Care for our environment – pick up any litter or debris.

“Forest School is really cool! It helps you understand nature.  Sometimes you work in groups to do different
activities; we made dens and wood cookies and did a scavenger hunt. “

During a recent session, the children camped in the forest and cooked their supper on a camp fire.  They played played ‘what tree?’ and had to guess which tree they were taken to when blindfolded, most of the children correctly guessed their tree. The children also learned about the Green man, a pagan symbol often related to nature and a guardian of forests and woods, the children created their own Green man on the trunks of the trees using clay and natural material that they found on the forest floor. 

“Forest School is so much fun, I didn’t want to leave. It was the best day ever!” 

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