St Francis Photo Galleries


Year 7 French Trip 2018
EYFS Mothers Day Art
Book week book doors
Pre-Prep Planetarium
Yr 3 & 4 Cross Country
Yr 5-8 Cross Country
Carol Concert 
Wind in The Willows
Pre Prep Nativity 2017
EYFS Nativity 2017
Last Choir Standing 2017
Hooke Court 2017
Brecon Trip 2017
Speech Day 2017
Sound of Music
75th Anniv. Celebration
75th Anniv. Vintage FĂȘte
EYFS Summer Concert
Junior Senior Wessex ’17
Pre Prep Seaside Trip

Yr 6 Dorset Trip
Pre Prep Sports Day 
Little Saints Sports Day
Yr 5-8 Sports Day 2017 
Yr 3&4 Sports Day 2017
Roche Court Trip 
 Easter Passion Play