Pre Prep Spring Assembly

Spring had definitely arrived in Haybrook hall last Thursday, along with a little French sunshine!

Once again, all of the children in Pre-Prep enjoyed performing to their parents, showing some of the work that they had been doing this term in French, Music and Drama. There was a French café, with all of Year 2 confidently taking orders or choosing food. Year 1 all enjoyed their French song, ‘J’ai un chapeau’ and showed off their lovely spring bonnets. We all sang our favourite Haybrook song ‘We’re so proud of our school’ and even managed to fit in ‘Be our guest’ from the film Beauty and the Beast. Then all of the children recited poems about water that they had worked on in drama lessons with Miss Terry.

The performance finished with everyone, including teachers and parents, singing together our French animal song, along with sound effects! Thanks to Mme Woodard, Mrs Bott and Miss Terry for working on the performances and also to Mrs Baish for providing the ‘French’ coffee and pastries. A lovely sociable event to round off a busy term in Pre-Prep.

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