Year 5 pupil qualifies for Modern Biathlon Championships

Congratulations to Year 5 pupil Billy, who has qualified for the British National Modern Biathlon Championships in Solihull which takes place on Saturday 25th November.

The British Modern Biathlon series of competitions are a great starting point for athletes wishing to get involved in an exciting multi-discipline sporting environment. Modern Biathlon consists of a separate swim and run for all age groups with the distances depending on the competitor’s age. The competitors run and swim times are converted into points, with the final positions being decided by the total number of points achieved overall after both disciplines.

In qualifying Billy achieved a swim time of 48:18 seconds and a run time of 2 minutes 57 seconds; scoring him a total 2105 points. His national ranking is 46th and his run time is only 5 seconds short of the boy ranked in 1st place!

We all wish him good luck!