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You may well wonder what ‘LAMDA’ is about!

LAMDA stands for The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts.  LAMDA qualifications are recognised throughout the world; at the highest levels they have a UCCAS points value for those applying to university. Here at St Francis, children are entered for graded Acting Examinations appropriate to their age, stage and ability.  Parents and children alike recognize the significant benefits of LAMDA tuition in developing confidence, communication skills, imagination, acting ability and generally having enormous fun!

Learners, who are in Year 4 and above, generally work in pairs and receive weekly private coaching in acting for a termly charge.  They work primarily on 4-5 minute duologues or short monologues.   It can be helpful if the parents and children are able to suggest partners to work with; pairings are very carefully considered in all cases.

£11.50 per child per 25 mins for 2017/18
Solo players £19 per 25 mins for 2017/18

Towards the end of the academic year, pupils are entered for the appropriate LAMDA examination, which take place in May.  For this, they present two pieces to the examiner, one of which must be selected from the current LAMDA syllabus. They are also required to answer some questions to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the pieces they have performed.

All children have the opportunity to perform in LAMDA showcase evenings throughout the year and some will also be entered for the Mid-Somerset Festival in the Spring Term.

If you would like to register your child for LAMDA tuition or you require further information, please contact:

Mrs Emma Gregson Burt, Director of Drama at: