The following is a schedule of the school fees, which are effective from the Autumn Term 2016. Fees
from Reception onwards are inclusive of lunch, milk and everyday stationery. Please note that fees are
due for payment on or before the first day of term.

1. There is a 5% discount on fees for a second child and subsequent children attending the school at
the same time. This discount does not apply to Learning Support charges.

2. A monthly surcharge of 2% will be charged for late payment.

3. A full term’s notice, in writing, is required for the removal of a pupil from the school. This must
be received by the school before the first day of the term to which it relates.

Fees from Sept 2016

Per Term Year in Advance Monthly
Nursery – per half day session* £228**   N/A £59
Reception £2,659**    £7,817** £683
Years 1 and 2 £2,813    £8,270 £723
Years 3 and 4 £3,545   £10,422 £911
Years 5 to 8 £4,072   £11,972 £1,046

Learning Support Charges from Sept 2016

Assessment – one off charge of £404
One to one withdrawal lessons***
Each lesson is 30 minutes charged at £35.50 per lesson.
 Package A – 2 lessons per week
 Package B – 3 lessons per week
 Package C – 4 lessons per week

* Either 8.30am to 11.30am for a morning session or 12.30 to 3.30pm for an afternoon session.

* Pick up at 1.30pm can also be arranged. This will be charged on pro rata basis i.e. £76 per term.

** These may be subject to a reduction due to Free Entitlement from Wiltshire Council,
dependent on a child’s date of birth.

*** All lessons are 30 minutes and each package will be provided for a minimum of 30 weeks during an
academic year, 12 in the Autumn term, 9 in the Spring term and 9 in the Summer term.

Lunch sessions for nursery children are available from 11.30am until 12.30pm and are charged at £10 per


Fees may also be paid either by an annual lump sum in advance to the school or by monthly direct debit
through School Fee Plan (SFP). The monthly fees quoted include SFP’s current service charge, which
may change at any time in the future. If you would like to pay by either of these methods please contact
the bursar as soon as possible.

March 2016