Scholarships (Hemery Awards) 

Hemery Awards are available for pupils currently in Year 6, either at St Francis or at another school, for entry into Years 7 and 8 in September 2017.

The awards are to encourage existing St Francis pupils to stay and benefit from the excellent education and opportunities in Years 7 and 8 or to provide external pupils with the opportunity to join Years 7 and 8 in order to prepare them for progression to a wide range of independent or maintained sector senior schools at 13+.  These competitive awards are available for outstanding candidates showing talent in academics, art, drama, music, or sport. The value of the awards is up to a maximum of 20% of the annual fees.

Children applying for an Academic Hemery Award will be formally assessed with standardised papers in Mathematics, English and Reasoning. Candidates offering art, drama, music or sport, will also be formally assessed in these areas.

Art: For those offering art, a portfolio containing examples of a breadth of work will be required. This should be prepared beforehand and brought on the assessment day.

Drama: Candidates will be required to perform one monologue, do a short improvisation and then engage in an interview in which a broad range of the pupil’s experience and knowledge of drama & theatre will be explored.

Music: For those offering music, copies of grade certificates will be required. A written report from the child’s current instrumental/singing music teacher(s) should accompany the application form. As a guide, music candidates should be Grade 3 or above; at the assessment, at least one piece (at, or above, Grade 3 standard) should be played or sung, although progress and potential will be taken into account.

Sport: Sporting candidates should be performing at a county squad standard. A written report from an external sports coach should accompany the application form, if applicable. The sporting assessment will include a series of sporting tests (agility, speed, stamina), and also will provide candidates with the opportunity to demonstrate their ability in at least one major sport.

All candidates will also take part in group or individual interviews with the Headmaster and/or the Deputy Headmaster.


External candidates
Assessments will take place, by arrangement, in the week commencing
Monday 8 May 2017
Closing date for external applications: 9.00am on Monday 24 April 2017

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Community Bursary Awards

St Francis Community Bursaries are available for parents of external candidates who may have thought independent education was an unrealistic possibility.

Community Bursaries are aimed at encouraging boys and girls with genuine ability to join us at any point through the year.  They are available from Reception, after free entitlement, through to Year 8. In addition to the child’s assessment, parents will be means tested by the school’s Bursar. These bursaries have a maximum value of 100% of the annual fees.

Families interested in applying for a Community Bursary should contact the Bursar, in the first instance, to ascertain if the school has a place available.  They should then apply, in writing, with an overview of their financial and family circumstances.  The Bursar will complete a preliminary review of the information provided  to  help determine eligibility and the level of potential funding.

Applications are assessed all year round and, depending on family circumstances, children may start at St Francis at the beginning of the autumn, spring or summer term.

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